Updates to EnergyIQ Tool

06/27/2014 |

New features ease benchmarking and increase accuracy


Need to streamline your benchmarking efforts? EnergyIQ allows you to gain deeper insights into your energy profile.

Offered by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the free tool benchmarks energy use, carbon emissions, costs, and features for 62 building types. Its action-oriented data helps to lay the groundwork for investment-grade audits and professional engineering calculations.

Updated capabilities include:

  • Download building data from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager directly into EnergyIQ
  • Compare your property against other EnergyIQ users, in addition to peer groups drawn from the California Commercial End-Use Survey (CEUS) or Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) databases
  • Benchmark a single building exclusively against your own portfolio of buildings
  • Choose from a larger number of building features. New filters include hours of occupancy and type of building certification (such as ENERGY STAR or LEED).

“Our user base has grown to 1,139 firms who have collectively entered data for 781 buildings, with an aggregate floor area of 106 million square feet,” says project leader Evan Mills.

Learn more at energyiq.lbl.gov.

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