90.1-2013 to be Approved for National Standard

06/27/2014 |

The DOE notices significant savings in the ASHRAE guideline

The DOE has taken the first step in issuing a ruling that could establish the 2013 ASHRAE standard as the commercial building reference standard for state building energy codes.

Preliminary analysis by the DOE shows that ASHRAE’s 2013 energy efficiency standard contains savings over 2010 of 8.5% source energy and 7.6% site energy.

The 2013 standard outlines dozens more positive impacts on efficiency, the DOE notes. Some of these include:

  • Control requirements for lighting alterations
  • Energy usage reduction for fans and large boilers
  • Efficiency benchmarks for commercial refrigeration
  • Decrease of lighting power density.

These impacts incorporated changes made through the public review process in which users of the standard commented and offered guidance on proposed requirements.

The DOE is now receiving comments on the preliminary determination to make 90.1-2013 the basis for state codes (more information can be found here).

If finalized, states would be required to update their codes to meet or exceed the 2013 standard. Currently the 2010 standard serves as a reference for state codes under the federal Energy Conservation and Production Act.

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