Comparative Building Costs

06/27/2014 |

High Schools

Funding for a Classroom Facelift

This high school in the Northeast received a state grant to modernize a 1960s chemistry classroom. It now features new architectural finishes and mechanical systems. The existing room interior was demolished down to the concrete floor, concrete block walls, and steel truss roof framing. The new layout incorporates a separate area for lab work and flexible desk seating for group instruction.

Lab casework includes vented acid and chemical storage, fume hood, emergency eye wash, and shower. Each bench includes gas, water, undercounter storage, and a networked computer monitor. Desk seating provides viewing to the whiteboard, overhead projector, electronically controlled screen, and digital board tablet.

The room is equipped with a separate rooftop-mounted heating and cooling system, occupancy lighting sensors, neutralization tanks for wastewater, icemaker, lab dishwasher, and emergency shut-offs for power, gas, and water.

Renovation Preserves Historic School

After years of patchwork renovations, the goals of this wide-scale project were to integrate energy-efficient systems and preserve historic construction.

The campus is wireless, and all classrooms include electronic whiteboards. All mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were replaced, and new interior finishes and automated lighting controls were added. Two former interior light wells are now enclosed atriums. The site also features a renovated greenhouse with a rainwater cistern. Preservation efforts focused on windows, woodwork, flooring, and interior walls.

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