White House Kicks Off New Energy Initiatives

06/27/2014 |

Solar and efficiency upgrades planned

More than 300 commitments to advance solar deployment and energy efficiency are planned in the coming year, according to a recent announcement by President Obama.

The solar commitments alone represent more than 850 MW, and the planned energy efficiency investments will lower energy bills for roughly 1 billion square feet of buildings. Plans include:

  • Launching a Solar Instructor Training Network for community colleges to bring more workers into the solar industry
  • Coordinating renewable energy purchasing efforts among multiple federal agencies, so as to leverage economies of scale
  • Implementing $2 billion in energy efficiency upgrades for federal buildings over the next three years, to be paid for by long-term energy savings
  • Launching the DOE’s High Performance Outdoor Lighting Accelerator to increase adoption and use of high-efficiency outdoor lighting for public facilities
  • Improving the efficiency of electric motors and walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Encouraging the adoption of the 2013 edition of ASHRAE 90.1
  • Expanding the Green Preservation Plus program, which provides extra loan proceeds to the owners of affordable multifamily housing properties to improve energy and water efficiency.

The White House also completed the final installation of solar panels, which have not appeared on the building in the nearly three decades since President Reagan had solar panels requested by President Carter removed.

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