ICC Considers 2015 Green Code

Energy Efficiency


These proposals were both opposed by real estate interests and recommended for disapproval by the ICC committees in Memphis.

Existing Buildings

  • Requirement that the sale of a building trigger retroactive
  • compliance with the most recent energy code
  • Mandatory compliance with post-occupancy energy
  • performance goals
  • Retrofit of insulation for all roof replacements to meet the most recent energy code
  • Change of occupancy requires compliance with the most recent energy code
  • Mandate for building engineering staff to gain certification before operating building energy systems

Energy Conservation

  • Mandatory additional 10% building envelope energy efficiency – emphasis on insulation and glazing
  • Elimination of building owner choice to use ASHRAE
  • Standard 189.1 as a more flexible and cost-effective
  • compliance option.
  • Expansion of vegetative roof requirements to all climate zones
  • Deletion of bio-based products like wood pellets from
  • renewable energy systems mandated for virtually all buildings
  • Mandatory installation of automatic shading devices for all glazing
  • Mandatory individual energy metering for each building tenant

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Mandatory radon testing for all buildings
  • Limits on VOCs in carpets
  • Additional sound transmission limitations for all business occupancies

Site Development/Land Use

  • Mandatory removal of invasive (non-native) plants
  • Change to 500-year event flood threshold, which would
  • severely restrict site choices for new construction
  • More restrictive wetland/surface water buffer zone requirements
  • Addition of post-development mandates to control runoff


  • More restrictive bicycle parking mandates for additional spaces, bike security, and vertical bike storage
  • New mandates for preferential parking for electric and
  • high-mpg vehicles
  • 40-mpg threshold to qualify as an alternative fuel vehicle
  • eligible for preferential parking spaces
  • Mandatory termite barriers in some climate zones
  • Addition of roof deck relative humidity testing to building
  • commissioning requirements
  • Mandatory installation of bird collision avoidance measures

Materials Resource Conservation

  • Mandatory testing of roof membranes
  • Mandatory use of hail-resistant roofing materials in some
  • geographic areas
  • Limits on total waste generation for all commercial properties
  • Additional site waste management plan submission during permitting
  • Mandatory use of mold-resistant gypsum board

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