Safely Discard Old Electronics

08/01/2014 |

Free waste management through e-cycleNYC

Are old electronics like computers, printers, and TVs clogging up your dumpsters? The program e-cycleNYC will haul them away for free and is available to all apartment buildings with 10 or more units. Close to 90,000 pounds of electronics have been recycled in 2014 so far.

A partnership between DSNY and Electronic Recyclers International, the service provides collection bins, on-call service, and diversion reports. It also offers an easy way to comply with the new electronics disposal law, which will make it illegal to discard electronics in the trash starting in April 2015.

There are three service options available to e-cycleNYC participants. Which makes sense for you?

1) Room Cleanouts – Electronics are self-stored in a designated room and removed when at least 20 items have been gathered.

2) Storage Bins – Your building is provided with a locking bin to store devices.

3) Outdoor Electronics Recycling Events – Electronics are collected during pre-scheduled events that buildings organize for their residents.

Property managers also receive customized flyers, signs, and posters to explain the program and encourage participation. Because e-cycleNYC is fully funded by electronics manufacturers, there is no cost to participating buildings or NYC taxpayers.

Almost all forms of electronics – including computer equipment, mobile devices, and gaming accessories – qualify. The program cannot accept household appliances, batteries, or light bulbs.

Can’t get e-cycleNYC in your building? Retailers like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Best Buy, or Staples and organizations like the Lower East Side Ecology Center will recycle them for free.

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