Connectrac retrofits training rooms for connectivity

08/01/2014 |

Training rooms serve as hubs for teamwork in collaborative spaces. Essential to a company’s growth, training room retrofits result in company-wide gains for years to come. Whether the training room is used for educating new employees or refreshing current team members, an innovative workspace features up-to-date and emerging technologies.

Effective training rooms incorporate robust internet and data connections in a workspace. To properly educate employees and equip students with necessary tools, facilities are reconfiguring their approach to the training room by embracing technology.

Core drills and power poles have historically been used to provide the power, data and AV connections required in the workspace. However core drills are expensive, messy and can take days to complete. Alternatively power poles, while more economical, create a visual impediment for the training room.

Connectrac replaces the need for core drilling, trenching and power poles by bringing power, data, AV and telecom connectivity to where it is needed simply, elegantly and economically. Connectrac features a low-profile wireway which installs on nearly any type of flooring. With Connectrac, training rooms can incorporate the latest power and technology trends via a removable top cap, so trends of the future can always be accommodated. Connectrac offers a much better solution than core drills or power poles for creating effective group workspaces.

How is Connectrac being used in training rooms?

Advance Auto Parts renovates headquarters with new training rooms

Advance Auto Parts, the United States’ largest auto part supplier, recently began building new training rooms at their headquarters in Roanoke, Virginia. The facility, formerly a shopping mall, needed a large amount of power and data connections as well as AV connectivity to transform these spaces effectively.

Advance Auto Parts considered, but rejected, trenching or core drilling as an option due to high cost estimates and a short construction period. They selected Pitman Construction who solved the challenge with Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway systems coupled with three modular duplex receptacles on each run. The Connectrac wireways ran power and data connections along the wall to circular workstation clusters, which accommodated up to sixty students. The teaching station was supported by ceiling mounted projectors with AV, power and data connections. “The installation was perfect and simple. Great Product,” said Ben Irvin, Advance Auto Parts Facilities Manager.

Noble Energy creates technology haven for trainees

Noble Energy, a pioneer in the oil and natural gas industry, needed to renovate their training room with power and data connections to accommodate up to forty-two students. Located on the 28th floor of the Denver World Trade Center in Denver, Colorado, core drilling would be too disruptive to the tenants below and power poles were not a reasonable option. Noble Energy turned to Barber Architecture to find a better solution.

To create a layout suitable for the energy industry leader’s training room, Noble Energy installed the Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway in double runs with quad receptacle power systems to provide rows of desks with power and data accessibility. Utilizing the Connectrac 45 degree and 90 degree corner kits, cables were easily distributed to each row. The Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway system was the perfect solution for bringing power, data, telecommunications and AV technology to an even higher level.


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