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08/01/2014 |

Healthcare Renovation

Homey Feel for Nursing Care

A traditional departmental nursing facility was renovated into households that feature common areas and residential units. Each household contains a living room, dining room, spa and salon, laundry facilities, and nursing team spaces instead of a large central desk. Common spaces shared among households include a parlor, medical records room, and physical therapy space. A central production kitchen serves smaller community kitchens that are used for cooking activities. Each resident room is equipped with a roll-in shower, wardrobe, dresser, nightstand, over-bed table, and chair. The renovation was completed with a phased approach that offered minimal disruption to residents.

Remodel Implements Recycling Initiatives

Hospice HQ Goes Green In order to consolidate the hospice facility, administrative offices, and education and bereavement center, this provider renovated a four-story building. Converting an existing building helped the project pursue LEED Gold. Additionally, throughout construction, over 90% of waste was recycled, while 95% of existing wall, floor, and roof construction was reused. Other sustainable design features include a reflective roof, low-flow water fixtures with motion sensors, energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems, and low- or no-VOC carpets, paints, adhesives, and wood products. The organization also committed to obtaining at least 35% of its electricity from renewable sources and using only green cleaning methods and products.





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