New York Energy Week Targets Grid Stability

08/01/2014 |

Thirteen projects earn $33 million in funding

Electric Grid

During June’s New York Energy Week, the second in an annual event series, ARPA-E announced $33 million in funding for 13 projects aimed at developing transformational fuel cell technologies for low-cost distributed power generation.

The projects are focused on improving grid stability, balancing intermittent renewable technologies, and reducing CO2 emissions using electrochemical distributed power generation systems.

“Technologies like these could fundamentally change the way America generates and stores energy,” says Cheryl Martin, acting director of ARPA-E, a government agency tasked with promoting and funding research and development of advanced energy technologies.

Distributed generation systems offer an alternative to the large, centralized power generation facilities or power plants that are currently commonplace. These plants often require long transmission distances between supply and distribution points, leading to efficiency losses throughout the grid, and also have trouble integrating energy from renewable sources – two aspects that could have key implications for building owners and managers.

The projects are being conducted in every corner of the country – from Utah to California to South Carolina. Find information on all 13 of them at

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