New Guideline Helps Specify Building Automation Systems

09/01/2014 |

ASHRAE reveals basic system enhancements

A new ashrae guideline helps you implement and manage building automation systems. Basic systems can benefit from performance monitoring.

Considering implementing a building automation system (BAS) but concerned it might be outside your realm of expertise? Guidance on doing so is featured in a newly published guideline from ASHRAE.

Specifying Building Automation Systems, ASHRAE Guideline 13-2014, provides BAS users and designers with background information, recommendations for good practice, project considerations, and detailed discussion of options. It includes online access to an example specification that illustrates these concepts.

A new informative section, Annex D: Performance Monitoring, was included to assist in the specification of performance monitoring systems.

“The guideline defines three levels of performance monitoring and provides criteria for each,” says Dave Kahn, chair of the Guideline 13 committee. “This allows even basic systems to realize some performance monitoring benefits. It allows monitoring and reporting of HVAC equipment function and operating efficiency, energy consumption, and environmental conditions. Careful grouping of X-Y type plots can provide information required to monitor and troubleshoot each part of the system. An automated fault diagnosis can be used to predict faults.”

ASHRAE is already looking ahead to changes to the 2017 version of the guideline.

“Under the proposed change, the guideline is being rewritten to update the use of the Internet as the primary method for networking BAS devices,” Kahn says. “Our committee hosted a consultation seminar at the 2013 ASHRAE Conference, and attendees told us Internet connectivity was the top issue we need to address.”

Other significant changes under consideration include:

  • Discussion of BAS design options using IP and non-IP devices
  • Use of new software tools, such as energy dashboards
  • A new Clause 12, BAS Device Network Design, written as a standalone section so readers who are responsible for this work can refer to one section for all information on this topic.

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