Introducing FUZE™ high-performance dry erase paint

09/01/2014 |

Convert nearly any surface into a center for creativity and collaboration with FUZE high performance, low VOC, low odor dry erase coating. Available in white or clear, FUZE is easy to install, highly resistant to chemicals and stains, and backed by the most experienced sales and support teams in the industry.

• Easy to apply with roller or sprayer
• Isocyanate Free
• Low volatile organic compound (VOC)
• LEED NC 20009 Compliant
• 4- hour pot life (longest in the industry)
• 12-month shelf life

Paint over any color with FUZE Clear to add utility without compromising your design vision.

In classrooms

It’s hard to believe it could be so simple. One application of dry erase paint turns even the most ancient of chalkboards into a modern-day teaching tool that makes the smart board look like a seriously overpriced investment. Better still, those old chalkboards are steering clear of the landfill, enabling schools like Nettelhorst in Chicago to repurpose materials while conserving limited budget dollars.

There’s no waste, no chalk dust and practically no effort to install.

In conference rooms

The ideas never stop flowing at VML, a digital marketing agency in Kansas City, Mo. Yet creativity is an unpredictable thing and great ideas have a way of popping up without warning, so the VML staff writes on just about every surface they can find – including the conference room walls. Fortunately, those walls wipe clean easily, because they’re covered in dry erase paint from MDC.

On campus

The freedom to write on the walls is bringing out the creativity in everyone, and attendance has skyrocketed at the DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library at the University of Nevada in Reno. A place that once drew four or five people at a time is now bustling with several hundred students and faculty engaged in conversation and spontaneous collaboration. Some faculty are even holding office hours at the library.

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