FM Cost Trends - Cancer Treatment Centers

10/01/2014 |

Cancer Treatment Centers

Contemporary Convenience

This addition and renovation to an existing facility is easily recognizable thanks to a signature clock tower. Its convenience-centered layout pays special attention to the patient’s path of travel through the facility, arranging treatments and doctors in a way that honors how each service interacts with each other. True to its mission to provide comprehensive, holistic cancer treatment in one welcoming location, the building makes extensive use of traditional red brick and brushed aluminum panels. Orange and brown stained concrete, dramatic daylighting, and a stairwell surrounded by a glass shell create a warm environment and invite nature inside.

Hometown Healthcare

Two small, rural hospitals partnered with dedicated radiation and medical oncologists to create this comprehensive facility, which was sorely needed by patients who were previously required to travel more than 55 miles over steep mountain roads for cancer treatment. The building is designed with a civic feel, including such features as an extensive glass storefront that illuminates an open plan layout and a central core that ties together departments. Curbless entry and automatic doors cater to the accessibility needs of the center’s clients, who are typically elderly. Warm colors and traditional materials (brick and cast stone) ensure a peaceful environment for therapy and education.  





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