FM Cost Trends - Adaptive Reuse Projects

10/01/2014 |

Adaptive Reuse Projects

Upscale Addition

A turn-of-the-century bank was rehabilitated into a corporate headquarters in this project, which preserves the double height lobby space typical of a banking floor and adds a mezzanine for visual interest. An addition to the building adds an entrance court that gives the project an open feel. Materials and design strategies for the addition were chosen to complement the architectural characteristics of the bank building without outright imitating them. To that end, a new third level that rises above the bank’s original parapet was added to house a greenhouse, meeting facilities, and computer labs. A rear courtyard can host outdoor meetings and recreation.  

Center for Innovation

Built in 1908, this building (which has cycled through multiple uses, including a warehouse) began undergoing renovation in 2004 as part of a revitalization effort throughout its district. The goal: to create one of the greenest office buildings in the U.S. and spotlight innovation in the Rocky Mountain area. Over 75% of spaces receive daylight thanks to large windows on three sides of the building. Water use was cut by 90% and water bills by 75% thanks to updated water fixtures, including waterless urinals, 1.0 gpf flush toilets, and high-efficiency faucets. Other green features include insulation made from old blue jeans and digital HVAC controls.





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