GSA’s Smart Occupancy Delivers Green to Taxpayers

11/01/2014 |

Learn how GSA's badging system is tied to HVAC and lighting

A Smart Occupancy initiative at the GSA headquarters links the employee badging system to lighting and HVAC.

GSA is paving the way in the federal workplace by implementing a smart occupancy model at its 1800 F Street headquarters building.

The Smart Occupancy initiative links physical presence via GSA’s hoteling reservation system to the building’s energy systems, which are primarily electrical and HVAC.

For example, when employees badge into the building, they are automatically checked into their reserved offices. Once occupants reach their workstations, the lighting and HVAC systems in these areas transition from standby to active modes.

The goals of the Smart Occupancy protocols include:

  • Link actual physical presence with energy consumption
  • Build upon 1800 F’s sustainable Smart Building technologies
  • Understand how tenants of GSA’s headquarters building are utilizing the space by leveraging Smart Building technologies. This will enable data-based decision making that ensures the workplace operates as efficiently as possible.

The Smart Occupancy initiative is part of GSA’s commitment to improve energy efficiency, enhance operational effectiveness, and increase tenant satisfaction. The agency is working aggressively to modernize existing buildings.

The strategy will enable staff and existing plans to take a holistic view of facilities, including building systems, occupants, the environment, energy sources, operating policy, and capital and operating expenses.

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