Federal Buildings Required to Verify Sustainability

11/01/2014 |

Certified properties must confirm water and energy savings

Has your federal building earned a green certification under LEED or Green Globes? The DOE will soon require you to verify your energy and water performance.

The new ruling, which goes into effect Nov. 13, ensures that in cases where agencies used a private sector green building certification, they must prove they satisfy federal sustainability and energy standards.

By requiring reassessments at least every four years, the mandate will ensure utility savings continue well beyond the initial building opening or retrofit. System requirements in new construction and major renovations will lead to reduced consumption through active energy and water management.

The considered use of green building rating systems advances federal high performance buildings by focusing on modernized, integrated building systems that minimize inefficiencies and waste and enhance cost-saving benefits.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) also updated its Federal Building Energy Use Benchmarking Guidance, which designates ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager as the sole benchmarking tool for federal agencies. A guide for federal building metering is forthcoming to help organizations prioritize their efficiency goals.

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