ENERGY STAR Certifies Mobile Computers

11/01/2014 |

Tablets, slates, and more now eligible for efficiency designation

Tablets and other mobile devices are now eligible for the ENERGY STAR certification, which identifies the most energy efficient products in a wide variety of categories.

Thinking about incorporating mobile devices into your FM toolbox? ENERGY STAR is about to make your choice easier.

The designation is expanding to include slate and tablet computers, two-in-one computers, and portable all-in-ones that meet its efficiency criteria. The decision was driven by the increasing adoption of smaller mobile devices (especially slates and tablets) for functions traditionally conducted on desktop and laptop computers.

Two-in-one computers have detachable touchscreens that allow them to function as both notebooks and tablets, while portable all-in-ones have large touchscreens and combine features from both desktops and tablets.

“Federal purchasers are increasingly interested in acquiring slates, tablets, and two-in-ones for use by employees,” notes the EPA in a statement announcing ENERGY STAR’s expansion. “Adding these products to the ENERGY STAR program will facilitate the procurement of these efficient computer products.”

The federal efficiency standards that were in place as of 2012 will save consumers more than $1 trillion through 2035, reduce U.S. electricity use in that year by 14%, and reduce CO2 emissions by 470 million metric tons, according to a 2012 study by the Appliance Standards Awareness Project and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

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