Codes Updates in Effect

11/01/2014 |

Plus new online tool to navigate changes

Building regulations on your mind? They should be – NYC recently updated its fire and new construction codes.

The revised Fire Code comprehensively amends the emergency preparedness requirements for buildings and occupancies. It includes significant changes in provisions relating to fire apparatus access roads and building frontage spaces, rooftop access and obstructions, rooftop solar panel installations, fire watch and notification requirements for out-of-service building fire protection systems, building and apartment identification standards, and use of medical oxygen, portable electric space heaters, and halogen lamps.

Buildings managers can also reference an online tool called Code Notes to navigate the city’s Building Code, Zoning Resolution, and permit approval process. Code Notes will serve as a step-by-step guide for design professionals by outlining the applicable codes, zoning, and approvals necessary to obtain a permit.

This reference tool will also empower property owners and small businesses owners in their interactions with industry professionals. It centralizes complex information that is typically spread out across the city’s Building Code, Zoning Resolution, Fire Code, Multiple Dwelling Law, Energy Conservation Code, and other provisions into a more accessible format.

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