Connectrac® Wireways

07/01/2017 |

By Josh Myatt, Writer, Connectrac

Connectrac® wireways are the best floor-based solution for bringing power, data and communications from the wall to all interior commercial applications. Connectrac offers the flexibility to meet the demands for new technology connectivity while maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the building – all without the expense and inflexibility of core drilling, trenching or floor boxes. According to a recent RSMeans study, Connectrac saves facility directors and electrical engineers 50% or more compared to core drilling or trenching in both new construction and retrofits of older buildings.

The patented ultra-low-profile Connectrac In-Carpet wireway is a more elegant and complete solution compared to other on-floor raceway alternatives.  More subtle and flexible than ever, the practically invisible wireway ensures connectivity and power access by integrating with the carpet while virtually eliminating the unsightly raceway bump. The new Connectrac On-Floor wireway offers a great alternative for schools and other workspace environments where the lowest possible cost, design and floor accessibility are the driving factors. Extremely durable and low profile, these wireways provide a wide array of power / AV / telecom connectivity options. Connectrac On-Floor Wireways lead the industry in capacity for telecom / AV cables. They quickly and inexpensively install on top of any floor, including concrete and wood.

Dallas, Texas-based Connectrac, founded in 2005, is a privately owned company with representatives throughout the US and Canada with products being shipped throughout the world. It sells its products through electrical distributors, AV contractors, contract furniture dealers and others and is quickly becoming the go-to solution for North America’s top corporations, government agencies, schools and universities.

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