The Container Store Introduces Recessed LED Fixtures in Stores Around the Country

05/18/2015 |


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Headquartered in Coppell, Texas, The Container Store is a leading, national retailer of storage and organization products for every room of the home … from kitchen pantry, to closets to home offices, and everywhere in between. As of fall 2012, they had 58 store locations across the country. Their plans call for the addition of five to six new stores per year, as well as two to three comprehensive remodeling projects per year.


Lighting is a key element in all their store designs, and recessed fixtures from Juno Lighting Group have always played an important role. In 2010, The Container Store began introducing Juno LED recessed fixtures into the lighting package for all new stores and remodels to capitalize on the multitude of advantages offered by this state-of-the-art light source.


Consuming just one-fifth the energy of halogen, LED lighting offered The Container Store attractive energy savings. And by replacing halogen fixtures with ultra-efficient LEDs, their stores could more easily comply with today’s highly restrictive energy-conservation codes without reducing the number of fixtures or total light output.


The Container Store was also attracted to the exceptionally long, 50,000-hour service life of LEDs. Since the lighting in their stores is typically in operation 15 to 17 hours per day, they expect their Juno LED fixtures to provide nine or more years of maintenance-free operation. With LEDs, there are no expensive replacement lamps to stock and none of the labor costs associated with re-lamping. And there is no longer the need for maintenance or store personnel to be scaling tall ladders to replace lamps in fixtures mounted in 12- to 16-foot high ceilings.


Juno Lighting Group products are used for accent lighting, wall washing, and downlighting throughout the Container Store retail network. At present they are employing Juno’s 6”, TC-rated, 900-lumen LED recessed fixtures in downlighting applications on the sales floor, under exterior canopies, and in offices, hallways, and restrooms. They have been very impressed with the performance and light characteristics, reporting that the LED fixtures provide uniform illumination with no fluctuations in color temperatures or lumen output. LEDs have also contributed to a reduction in light-generated heat in the stores, reducing the air-conditioning load and producing a more comfortable shopping environment.


As a leading retail organization, The Container Store is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the customer appeal and efficiency of their operations. They intend to continue to turn to Juno Lighting Group for the latest advancements in LED illumination.

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