How ENERGY STAR Honorees Saved $34 Billion

06/01/2015 |

Cost-cutting tips from 2015’s Partners of the Year


Energy Star announced its 128 Partners of the Year for 2015. Many honorees relied on time-tested, affordable strategies to cut waste.

It starts with a good idea.

In 2014 alone, ENERGY STAR partners – including this year’s 128 honorees – saved $34 billion on utility bills and prevented the release of more than 300 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Many of them did so by utilizing smart energy strategies like building certification and purchasing efficient equipment – tactics that are within reach for many building owners.

See how four organizations landed on the 2015 Partner of the Year list. You just might find your building’s next big energy idea below.

Hanesbrands: Reduced carbon emissions by over 24% and water use intensity by 31%. The company also increased its use of cotton yarn derived from recycled fabric, which reduces the need for energy-intensive inputs of water, fertilizer, and herbicides for cotton growth.

JCPenney: Certified more than 100 of its buildings in 2014, bringing the company total to 618, a number that includes stores, one distribution center, and its corporate headquarters in Plano, TX. The company also encourages a culture of energy conservation after finding that 42% of its energy savings can be attributed to engaged associates.

Staples: Reduced carbon emissions by 36% over its 2001 baseline despite growing revenue by roughly 130% over the same time period. The company achieved this goal through a combination of energy efficiency initiatives and green power investments. Additionally, 250 buildings were re-certified with ENERGY STAR last year for a total of 650 certified facilities nationwide.

DirecTV: Ensured that all of the more than 12 million receivers it purchased in 2014 were ENERGY STAR certified. The company has deployed 65 million ENERGY STAR receivers since joining the program in 2009 and has reduced the devices’ energy consumption by 8% since 2012 despite a 3% increase in the number of units deployed.

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