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Buildings - Money-Saving Products
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Here are a sample of BUILDINGS Money-Saving Products for 2015. To see the entire list click here.
Excel Sarnafil CS Acrovyn Door


XLERATOReco uses “no heat” technology to dry hands using only 500W and costs 95% less vs. paper towels. Units draw a maximum of 4.5 amps and multiple dryers can be installed on a single circuit, reducing installation time and creating a typical payback period of one year. Uses 30% less energy than tough-style hand dryers and 80% less energy than conventional dryers to dry hands in just 10-15 seconds.

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Sikaplan Adhered System

The Sikaplan Adhered System is a single-ply PVC roofing membrane for low-slope applications. It combines water-based and low-VOC adhesives with an adhered membrane. The membrane has an internal glass mat reinforcement to provide dimensional stability and attaches securely to resist mechanical stress from wind uplift. The system can also be used when all other roof components are adhered, eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners that can cause thermal bridging.

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C/S Acrovyn Doors

The Acrovyn sheet in these doors stands up against the wear and impact of high-traffic areas, resulting in study-confirmed low lifecycle costs compared to wood, hollow metal, and plastic laminate. Features radiused edges for extra impact protection as most door damage occurs in those areas. Options include fire ratings up to 90 minutes, lead lining, barrier resistance, and graphic imagery. The standard line is Cradle to Cradle certified at the Bronze level.

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CS Acrovyn Door


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