2015 Product Innovations

08/01/2015 |

Creative solutions for interiors that enhance building performance

As real estate becomes more valuable, smart facility managers are actively pushing their interiors to work harder. They know that supporting occupants with the right furniture, lighting, acoustics, and power access improves the bottom line.

Awarded during NeoCon 2015, an interior design show, Product Innovations is a collection of offerings selected by our editorial team that will help you transform your workplace. We grilled companies on performance, sustainability, and maintenance to ensure these products will stand up to real-world demands.

This year’s Grand Prize and Merit Award winners cover a range of diverse solutions, including power and storage options for mobile devices, sit-to-stand furnishings, flooring that laughs in the face of dirt, and dynamic motion seating.


The BUILDINGS Favorite is awarded to a single product that has earned our personal seal of approval. The UCX Pro, an undercabinet LED with tunable color that dims, made our editorial team stop and say “Wow, I want one of those!” We can only think of all the office workers (ourselves included!) who avoid turning on their harsh fluorescents because of the glare. This task light is a smart way to allow occupants to optimize their space.

The UCX Pro is an undercabinet LED light that features a built-in touchstrip with tunable color from warm to cool white. This allows users to customize light levels to their work preferences. Multiple daisy-chained units stay synchronized in color thanks to the built-in intelligent controller. An optional occupancy sensor and adjustable timer module ensure the unit shuts off automatically when not in use. A Wi-Fi app can also remotely control the UCX Pro’s color, brightness, and on/off scheduling. UCX PRO by KONCEPT TECHNOLOGIES. Circle 231. www.koncept.com


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Interested in having your product become a winner in 2016? Email Senior Editor Jennie Morton to receive a submission reminder and visit http://www.buildings.com/product-innovations-awards.aspx to learn more about the program.

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