Bottle filling stations: now even more green and easier to maintain

08/01/2015 |

By Ellen Sajdak 

Product Manager


In 2010, Elkay® introduced the bottle filling station in response to consumer demand for drinking water and the growing concern regarding the environmental impact of bottled water. Now the company is introducing new features to the popular ezH2O® bottle filling stations that save facilities energy and maintenance time. 

Elkay has long provided water through drinking fountains. However, drinking fountains aren’t well-designed for filling water bottles. ezH2O product was developed specifically to address that need. Today these convenient devices can be found on college and business campuses as well as in airports, parks and sports facilities across the country.

The new ezH2O bottle filling stations feature energy-saving benefits, including a programmable setting to reduce power usage when the facility is not in use. Operators can power down the refrigeration on the unit while still allowing ambient temperature water to be dispensed. This allows buildings to cut their energy usage for the ezH2Oproduct dramatically. 

Other enhancements simplify maintenance. With the new models, when you change the filter, the monitor light resets automatically. This simplifies filter changes for maintenance workers, saving them several steps and about 15 minutes every time they change a filter.

New models also have advanced self-diagnostic features built into the station. For instance, if a unit needs service, sensors detect the issue and display an alert message on the unit’s front display screen, so maintenance staff has a visual indicator. The sooner someone is alerted to a maintenance issue, the sooner it can be addressed. Less down time for the units will result in a better experience for the end users and fewer phone calls to the facility manager with complaints.

The energy-saving and maintenance improvements to the ezH2O bottle filling stations are valuable for maintenance staffs but are also appreciated by architects, as well as building owners and operators who want to offer modern amenities while operating energy-efficient, low-waste facilities.    

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