13 Tips for Certification Success

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts member services facility in Hingham, MA

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts achieved LEED Silver certification for its member services facility in Hingham, MA which serves over 1,400 associates and includes a 1,500-car parking structure. PHOTO CREDIT: WARREN PATTERSON PHOTOGRAPHY

7) Adopt a Holistic View
It can be tempting to focus solely on the ROI of your intended improvements, but Perruzzi cautions certification teams not to develop tunnel vision.

“Things like occupant wellbeing and less sick time from working in a healthy building are benefits for an organization,” Perruzzi notes. “You also have to factor in staff retention. I know people who are looking for jobs today who want to know if their future employer is sustainable or not. FMs should think about green certification more holistically, and that’s hard to do when you’re focused entirely on the bottom line.”

8) Accommodate Space Changes
Thinking about reorganizing or remodeling? Space use impacts resource consumption, furniture needs and other factors that can affect your certification efforts. Integrate sustainability from the start so that you don’t handicap later certification efforts.

“The certification process has to begin when you’re programming out the space or building. Think about what you want the space to be and the sustainability profile you want it to have,” says Perruzzi. “As soon as you start thinking about remodeling, factor in sustainability so it becomes integrated into the process. It’s tougher when you’ve already made a bunch of decisions and then you wake up in the morning and say ‘We need to be sustainable.’”

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