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11/01/2015 |

Comparative Building Costs: Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facility

This 191,000-square foot fuel cell facility includes a two-story office and one-story high-bay manufacturing area. The perimeter walls are 8-inch precast concrete with integral insulation and achieve a U-value that is 5% higher than required by code. The building’s glazed area is 19% of the gross wall area, and it conducts 16% less heat than the required minimum. HVAC equipment includes a chilled water plant, hydronic hot water boiler, 10 CV air handlers for the manufacturing area and a VAV rooftop unit for the office area. Sensors monitor CO2 levels and adjust ventilation accordingly.


Manufacturing Facility

The premanufactured shell of this building was superinsulated by spraying insulation onto the walls and ceilings, which had an existing R-value of 20. Batts were applied and held in pace with geotextile cloth and perforated metal panels. Roof water drains into a 2,500-gallon tank, which provides water for landscaping by way of a solar-powered pump. The parking lot of the 47,000-square foot facility has a bio retention area. Heating is provided by 99% efficient gas heaters mounted on the ceilings. The HVAC system uses heat recovery wheels. Office areas have spectrally selective glazing.


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