CHP Projects Announced for New York Schools, Hospitals

12/01/2015 |

New installations will improve facility resiliency, energy efficiency

Combined heat and power (CHP) equipment

CHP usage in new york is set to grow with Gov. Andrew Cuomo increasing the state’s commitment to the cleaner power source.

Combined heat and power technology is growing at a rapid pace in New York, with over 50 state-supported projects now underway or planned to improve the resiliency and energy efficiency of hospitals, schools and other buildings.

The projects are expected to increase the total number of CHP systems in the state by around 10% when completed and are projected to help cut total energy costs by 15-30%.

Also called cogeneration, CHP helps boost building efficiency by capturing exhaust heat and generating power on-site, a more efficient option than receiving electricity from power lines due to the estimated 6% loss from resistance.

While most of the systems use natural gas, some use biogas produced through digestion of waste water or farm waste. When the projects have been completed, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) projects that the CHP systems it supports will offset over 200 MW of power, enough to power more than 32,000 homes.

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