How Arby’s Reaches Its Energy Goals

01/01/2016 |

Restaurant chain achieves savings across 92% of its portfolio

Arby's restaurant

Arby’s Restaurant group is making progress on its Better Buildings Challenge goal of 20% energy reduction by 2020 by conducting efficiency upgrades and educating employees.

One of the first food service partners to join the federal Better Buildings Challenge has nearly reached its goal, the DOE says.

As of June 2015, Arby’s Restaurant Group achieved an 11% reduction in total energy use across its 900 company-owned restaurants as part of its internal Efficiency Matters program. That puts it more than halfway to the Better Buildings Challenge’s goal of 20% reduction by 2020.

“Even with historically energy-intensive buildings like restaurants, Arby’s is committed to developing innovative and successful models and approaches with restaurant owners interested in replicating gains in efficiency,” notes Dr. David Danielson, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

The company’s successful strategies include:

  • Data monitoring: Energy use analysis helps the chain make informed decisions about when and where to deploy efficiency upgrades.
  • Employee awareness: An employee-focused energy program emphasizes low-cost energy savings opportunities.
  • Affordable retrofits: Arby’s has rolled out efficiency upgrades for lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and hot water. One 2015 project replaced high-wattage metal halide lighting with efficient LED versions, saving roughly 53% of parking-related energy use in participating restaurants.

The Better Buildings Challenge involves more than 250 participants and over 32,000 properties. About 4,500 have already achieved energy savings of 20% or more. To see how other organizations have saved money and energy, visit

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