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01/01/2016 |

Comparative Building Costs: Student Center Renovations

FM Cost Trends

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This student center from 1980 was primarily constructed of brick with only a few windows, giving it little architectural character. An extensive renovation turned it into a home for student services and activities that also serves as the primary campus entry point.

A glass curtainwall added to the exterior facade greatly increased light penetration, while a prominent main entrance invites prospective students and visitors inside. A two-story social lounge and food court is easily accessible and benefits from daylight and views of green spaces. A bookstore, copy center, credit union and meeting rooms are conveniently clustered around this area and an outdoor lounge sits adjacent to it. The surrounding exterior site fits neatly into the main north-south pedestrian sidewalk, which links to other campus buildings.


Campus Social Hub

Originally built as a factory, this facility was converted into a student center in the 1970s but fell out of favor in the 1990s due to its low ceilings, winding paths and dark color scheme. To restore the center to its former glory as a hub for student activity, a vibrant facade was created with aluminum composite metal panels in colors similar to other campus buildings. Bright, energetic entrances welcome visitors.

A clerestory spine was cut through the roof and the building’s core to bring in more light. The dining area was updated with modern wall and ceiling finishes. New functions and offices to generate more student traffic were integrated into the reorganized meeting spaces. The addition of plasma screen TVs, video gaming and personal computers underscore the goal to make the student center a gathering place.

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*Actual building costs have been adjusted to reflect materials prices as of January 2016

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