FM Cost Trends

02/26/2016 |

Comparative Building Costs: Corporate Office Retrofits

FM Cost Trends

5,000-Square-Foot Interior Fit-Out

An architectural/space planning firm moved its office into 5,000 square feet of a 38,000-square-foot, single-story brick and glass building in a corporate park. The firm’s rectangular space measures roughly 38 feet by 13 feet, allowing a linear design with windows for every office. The interior of the office space accomodates library, printing and filing functions.

The building’s pitched roof enabled a sloped ceiling in the staff area. Partial height walls were used to create an open feeling. Offices have no doors and utilize glass and aluminum storefront panels. Three colors of gray, low-VOC paint were combined with red and yellow accents that reflect the firm’s logo. The floor consists of a pattern of polished 14-inch by 28-inch ceramic tiles. Energy-efficient lighting includes suspended pendants in the vaulted space and deep-cell parabolics in the print and library areas.


Adaptive Reuse of Industrial Facility

This project converted an industrial facility into 5,100 square feet of office with a reception area, conference and board room, main work space, private offices, kitchen, lounge and support space. The main work space is characteried by deep steel trusses. It receives daylight from three new skylights and existing high windows.

Roof framing that slopes upward from the interior corridor to the exterior walls presented an opportunity to create more space by creating a mezzanine level. This level contains a director’s office enclosed with transparent glass to allow daylight to reach the floor below. It also houses an unenclosed, informal conference room, kitchen and coffee bar that have exterior views. The mezzanine stair is supported by an exposed steel stringer with steel and wire mesh railing components.


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*Actual building costs have been adjusted to reflect materials prices as of January 2015

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