Renewables Bolster U.S. Energy Profile

02/26/2016 |

Clean energy is outpacing nuclear

Renewable energy sources

Good news for clean energy supporters – renewable power continues to grow in the U.S. In 2014, U.S. electricity from solar, wind and hydropower accounted for 13.5% of total electricity generation, according to the 2014 Renewable Energy Data Book by NREL.

With energy consumption increasing by 1%, renewables are picking up the pace to support demand. In 2014, U.S. hydropower produced nearly half of total renewable electricity generation, wind contributed 33%, biomass added 12%, solar yielded 6% and geothermal supplied 3%.

The numbers are a promising indication that clean energy has found a solid foothold and will continue to be a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

  • Renewable electricity accounted for more than 50% of capacity additions.
  • Almost half of that capacity is sourced from solar, which grew by more than 54%.
  • Wind generation increased by 8.3%.
  • The U.S. leads the world in biodiesel production.
  • Renewable production outpaced nuclear by 1.5%.

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