Parking Garage Delivers $116,000 Annual Savings with LEDs

03/28/2016 |

Lowered yearly energy consumption by over 1,230,000 kWh and achieved a 3.5-year payback

Parking garage Well-lit parking garage

Desired Outcome

Find a metal halide replacement that reduces energy, lowers maintenance costs and improves light levels.


Lowered yearly energy consumption by over 1,230,000 kWh and achieved a 3.5-year payback.

Parking garages can be notorious for poor lighting. The wrong fixture or illumination level can create a dingy appearance and deep shadows. An Atlanta media company wanted its secured parking garage to have uniform lighting, which the existing metal halides were unable to deliver.

Switching to LED fixtures not only achieved significant energy savings and reduced maintenance costs, but the garage’s appearance was considerably brightened. The property team chose to replace its 845 existing 175W metal halide fixtures with LED luminaires. The retrofit reduced the electrical load by 75%, from approximately 220W per fixture to 54W. This resulted in a total load reduction of 140 kW or 1,230,000 kWh annually, realizing a $116,000 operational savings with a 3.5 year payback.

“Parking lighting is typically on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. LED parking garage fixtures are getting closer to the cost of HID fixtures, with the difference in upfront costs easily recovered through reduced maintenance requirements,” explains Wendy Norman, National Account Sales for Eaton. “Metal halide 175W parking garage fixtures can often be replaced with LED fixtures at 50W or less while still meeting IES requirements. With an average rate of 10 cents per kWh rates, that’s nearly $120 per fixture in annual energy savings. A facility with 85 to 90 fixtures would realize over $10,000 each year in addition to reduced maintenance expenses.”

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