GE Will Phase Out CFLs

04/21/2016 |

Growing LED popularity spells the end for fluorescent lamps

GE, one of the world’s largest lighting manufacturers, has announced that they will stop producing compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) for the U.S. market by the end of 2016, focusing instead on promoting the adoption of more efficient LED lamps.

While CFL lamps enjoyed limited popularity toward the end of last decade, they accounted for just 15% of all lighting sales last year as LED sales grew by 250%. Dropping prices are cited as the main reasons for the huge uptick in LED usage, falling from $40-50 in 2012 to as low as $3.33 per bulb for some LED applications. CFL technology has an even dimmer future due to changing ENERGY STAR standards for lighting, which will be updated next year. The new efficiency benchmarks will exclude many CFLs from earning the designation.

“LED lightbulbs are starting to replicate what the electrical filament has done for over 100 years – providing that look and warm ambience that people are used to,” says John Strainic, COO for GE Lighting.  “The time for LED is now.”

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