Smart Solutions to Refresh Offices

04/21/2016 | By Jennie Morton, Janelle Penny

Solve common challenges with productivity-boosting renovations

BUILDINGS asked readers to weigh in about what’s wrong with their workplaces. The results illuminate the morale- and workflow-impacting result of outdated furnishings, thermal discomfort, poor acoustics and layouts that don’t meet the needs of their users. “I can hear everyone’s phone conversations,” wrote one reader. Another person complained that “acoustics and lighting are bad, with inefficient work and staff circulation and too little space available.”

Complaints like these are common, says Cara Rooney, Junior Designer for IA Interior Architects. “We are constantly seeing our clients faced with the challenge of adapting their current layout to meet the needs of shifting work styles,” Rooney explains. “One of the first signs that an office needs a significant update is when employees can no longer maximize their productivity in the space. This can be a result of outdated technology, a lack of settings that encourage collaboration and information sharing, or even something as simple as needing a quiet space for individuals to take a break from work.”

The following six case studies spotlight innovative solutions to real-world workplace challenges.

Room to Grow for a Dynamic Research Firm

Inside the sunny new home of 20|20

Research Gresham, Smith & Partners


Expansion Brings Together Collaboration and Art

Good circulation and glass partitions invite interaction

Ted Moudis Associates

Cutting-Edge Technology in a Century-Old Building

How Gogo’s Chicago home took flight

Syska Hennessy Group

Welcoming Millennials with a Modern Office

A former bookstore transforms into a contemporary financial office

Gresham, Smith & Partners

From Blank and Boring to Flush with Amenities

A new, modern look for a top IT firm

Syska Hennessy Group

Egalitarian Design Supports Consolidated Financial Office

A conference center also provides right-sized meeting rooms

Margulies Perruzzi Architects

Harmonizing Team and Individual Spaces

Texas aesthetics enliven the offices of Intuit

IA Interior Architects

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