AMPLIFY....The power of more.

04/27/2016 |

Sleek, aerodynamic lines give the Amplify collection power, with a look of modern design and sumptuous comfort. Mesh back and upholstered back chairs and stools are available in multiple frame, arm and base colors.

Adjustable lumbar support is standard. The mesh back features adjustable lumbar bands that provide optimum ergonomics. The upholstered highback introduces Dynamic Lumbar, a patent-pending integrated adjustable lumbar positioned within the padding for matchless comfort and maximum ergonomics.

The comfortable mesh back model comes in ten colors while the contemporary upholstered back is available in thousands of textiles.

The upholstered waterfall seat is available in 10 fabric or leather textile grades with optional contrast stitching (mesh back model only).

Amplify offers more built-in features than any other chair in its class, with enhanced synchro, height adjustable arms and adjustable lumbar support all standard. The curvaceous profile and soft, textured arm pads make this a chair that delivers style as well as substance.

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