We've got a pipe for that

04/28/2016 |

Aquatherm is a world leader in highly engineered polypropylene-random (PPR) pressure piping systems. The company, founded in 1973, has been providing reliable systems for a huge variety of applications and has found success in over 70 countries. Now, engineers, building owners, and designers throughout North America are solving piping challenges with Aquatherm while reaping the multiple benefits offered by its proprietary PPR formulation.

Aquatherm pipes are heat-fused to form long-lasting, virtually leak-proof connections that are bonded at the molecular level. Unlike traditional piping systems, Aquatherm is connected without mechanical connections, open flames, or toxic glues and solvents. Lighter than metal, corrosion-proof, and not valued by thieves for scrap value, Aquatherm pipe is also extremely cost competitive versus metal systems – especially considering total installed cost.

Perfect for new construction or retrofits, Aquatherm has been installed in leading government, commercial, institutional, residential, industrial, and other applications. Designed to outlast your building, Aquatherm comes in 1/2-inch to 24-inch diameters, is 100% recyclable, non-toxic, and resistant to hard water and aggressive chemicals.

In fact, Aquatherm is the only piping system in North America that can directly contribute to LEED points under LEED v4, which will be implemented in fall 2016.

Aquatherm Green Pipe® is ideal for hot and cold potable water, compressed air, food grade applications, and more. With so many issues surrounding lead in water supplies these days, Green Pipe is an ideal solution to that issue: PPR is completely nontoxic and chemically inert. View Aquatherm’s NSF certified environmental product declaration (EPD) here to learn more about the potable water benefits Aquatherm delivers.

Aquatherm Blue Pipe® is ideal for chilled water, geothermal, district heating, radiant heating and more, and since the product is impervious to rust, it provides obvious benefits to metal piping systems while also being able to withstand 185-degree liquids at 100 psi indefinitely.

Aquatherm Lilac Pipe® is designed for reclaimed/recycled applications and thanks to the benefits above in addition to being freeze-resistant; the system offers significant life cycle advantages over other piping systems.

On top of total installed cost benefits, Aquatherm is designed for a 60-year life expectancy and all Aquatherm systems come with a 10-year multimillion dollar warranty. We’ve got a pipe for that.

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