Structural precast concrete wall panels: A building envelope solution engineered for versatility, speed and thermal performance.

05/19/2016 |

By Jim Houtman

Vice President, Sales and Marketing


Fabcon Precast has been a leading force in the structural precast concrete wall industry since the early 1970s. Superb thermal qualities, speedy construction and an array of colors and finishes make Fabcon panels an ideal solution for data centers with aggressive timetables and tight budgets. Fabcon precast wall panels possess the speed, performance and versatility to impress building owners, architects and general contractors alike. We’ve built a rock-solid reputation by working with and satisfying powerful organizations like LA Fitness, UPS, Lowes and Wal-Mart. Whether you’re looking for something around 10,000 sq. ft. or something in the neighborhood of 1,000,000 sq. ft., Fabcon is ready is to help.

Our plants are ISO 9000 certified as well as MNL-117 and MNL-116 certified to produce architectural grade structural precast concrete panels. State-of-the-art automation and decades of expertise enable us to deliver a broad offering of architectural finishes for about the same price as generic structural precast. And with four plants strategically located across the Midwest and Northeast, we’re never far from the action. 

Fabcon makes panels in thicknesses of 8”, 10” and 12”, enabling you to right-size the thermal performance of your structure. Our innovative use of post–industrial waste and foam billets has resulted in a precast panel that is lighter, stronger and thermally superior to the panels of even a decade ago. Our unique panel composition tests an average of 30% higher in R–value than comparable precast panels, a fact that may even enable you to downsize heating and cooling units. Fabcon’s ability to customize R–values means you’ll always have the opportunity to design to your needs, not to the confining realities of a “one–size–fits–all” product.

The speed and predictability of our construction process is attractive, but what brings customers such as UPS, FedEx and Amazon back time and time again is the performance of our panel. It offers the advantage of a loadbearing panel, with fire ratings up to 4 hours and wind resistance up to 11,000 PSI.  Our panels come in hundreds of finish options and a lifetime of minimal maintenance.

As our tagline BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER implies, Fabcon sets the standard for performance, service and innovation. We understand there’s more to being a great partner than producing a versatile, cost-effective product. Our PCI certified crews and a full engineering support staff make Fabcon uniquely qualified to help you grow quickly and responsibly.

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