Build with speed. Build with Fabcon.

06/16/2016 |

When it comes to saving time, one construction method stands head and shoulders above the rest: Fabcon structural precast.

One of the key advantages is how complete our product is. Each Fabcon panel delivers the exterior cladding, load-bearing capabilities, insulation and interior substrate simultaneously. By the time a precast panel rolls off the production bed, the structural engineering has been addressed, openings have been cast in place and in most cases, the exterior finish has been applied.

Panels are sequenced in the yard, loaded and installed by our PCI-certified crews at an average rate of 25 panels per day, regardless of weather conditions. The time savings really add up when you consider that panel widths range from 8 to 12 feet. Once footings are poured, our panels go up extremely fast. 

With a structural perimeter securely in place, construction activity goes into overdrive. Ceiling supports can be installed making more efficient use of equipment. With a fully enclosed envelope, electricians, mechanical contractors and other trades can get to work sooner. Being able to pour the floor later in the construction schedule reduces damage and future repairs. All of this adds up the doors of the project opening weeks and usually months earlier.

For 45 years Fabcon Precast has been a leading force in structural precast concrete construction. Superb thermal qualities, speedy construction, and design flexibility make Fabcon an ideal solution for the most aggressive timetables and the most modest of budgets. Fabcon Precast panels possess all the performance qualities needed to impress building owners, architects, and general contractors alike.

For more information, contact Fabcon Precast at 800-727-4444 or visit

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