FM Cost Trends

06/24/2016 |

Comparative Building Costs

High School Reuse

This abandoned senior high was repurposed as a civic center and public library. School district offices are housed on the second floor, which is served by a new elevator. Raised floor in the library provides a plenum for air ducts and electrical raceways for the entire area. Sheet aluminum and granite are used in the circulation reception desk, continuing a theme of simple, exposed materials. The former auditorium serves as a library meeting room and a performance space for community theater groups. The former gymnasium and wrestling room was converted to a community recreation center. The new mechanical heart of the building is housed in the old coal room.

Elementary School Reuse

This three-story, 37,500-square-foot elementary school was renovated to become an academic commons at the State University of New York at Oswego. The exterior required little work but the interiors were demolished, including all mechanical systems. To add height to the spaces, most areas have exposed pipes and ducts. Suspended ceiling clouds provide horizontal planes that define different areas. A variety of transparent, translucent and solid partitions characterizes the interior.






*Actual building costs have been adjusted to reflect materials prices as of January 2016 SOURCE: DESIGN COST DATA, BNI

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