Enterprise-Class Distributed Network Management for Facility Managers

06/30/2016 |

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Complex Network Challenges

As a facility manager, one of your many concerns is [managing] multiple data networks.  To stay competitive, you need to increase your efficiency, maintain high customer satisfaction rates, and cut your truck-roll costs.  But today’s advanced networks necessitate a far higher degree of device and network monitoring, management, maintenance and support, locally or remotely.

Finding a Solution

You need robust and easy-to-use management tools covering the most common requirements across different vertical markets, customer types, and company sizes.  Factors to consider:

            Centralized management software

            Select software that enables you to control, manage and expand each customer’s entire network over multiple sites, locally or remotely.

            Licensing and tech support fees

            Avoid extra fees that place a financial burden on you and your clients.

            Hardware options

Different clients have different needs, from entry-level to high-end, from just a few to thousands of access points (APs) and switches. So you need a scalable, flexible solution.

            Ease of deployment

            The easier the deployment, the more time and money you save.

            State-of-the-art features

Multiple sites, remote management, secure guest networks, and many other perks are becoming necessities. The tools you choose must provide the newest and best functionality in order to keep you and your clients at the top of your fields.

See the EnGenius Difference

Address all your network challenges with the EnGenius Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution.

Highly flexible and scalable, the Neutron EWS Series offers simplified, fully integrated configuration and management with enterprise-class performance, entry-level and high-end access points, WLAN controller switches, and ezMasterTM Centralized Network Management Software—all with no AP licensing, subscription or tech support fees.

Distributed control and centralized management

ezMaster software enables you or your Managed Service Provider to centrally manage an unlimited number of independent distributed networks from a single, at-a-glance dashboard, no matter where they’re located.

ezMaster makes centralized network management easy through bulk configuration, provisioning and monitoring; rich analytics, reporting, and much more. Monitor APs with or without an onsite controller switch.

Complete scalability

The Neutron EWS Series lets you help customers easily deploy, add, and manage a few or 1,000+ APs, switches and 10,000+ concurrent users on an unlimited number of networks distributed across various cities, regions, or countries, regardless of their size and infrastructure.

Unlimited flexibility

Regardless of business size, the Neutron EWS Series is flexible enough to meet the needs of your customer’s network. Operate Neutron APs alone or manage up to 50 per Neutron Controller Switch; and centrally manage an unlimited number of APs and controller switches via ezMaster locally, remotely, or via a cloud-based service.

Ease of deployment

Save time and resources with Neutron EWS Series’ easy-to-use web interface, simplified management and one-click updates. Automated AP provisioning and intuitive configuration tools help streamline mass AP deployments.

Enterprise-class features

Configure multiple APs for Fast Roaming, securing seamless connectivity. Provide for maximum client performance as Band Steering automatically directs clients to the appropriate RF channel. Establish a secure Guest Network that blocks access to main corporate computers for increased security. Pinpoint and address potential problems with tools such as wireless client monitoring, and traffic and usage statistics. And so much more!

Unmatched Affordability

No AP licensing, subscriptions, or tech support fees. Comprehensive pre- and post-sale and network design support services are available at no additional cost. Neutron EWS offers one of the best price/performance ratios in the industry. Competing solutions can be more than 2.5x the cost of the Neutron EWS Series.

Partner with EnGenius for Measurable Success

EnGenius truly understands the challenges faced by facility managers like you, and has a solid track record of helping businesses like yours.

The EnGenius Neutron EWS Series empowers you to:

            •    Do more for clients with fewer personnel and lower overhead

            •    Increase your profit thanks to zero licensing and subscription fees

            •    Find solutions and resolve issues quickly with outstanding EnGenius pre- and post-sale support

            •    Be proactive and uncover opportunities for growth with rich network reporting and analytics

Forward-thinking Facility Managers will find that the EnGenius Neutron EWS Series Distributed Network Management Solution provides a simple, reliable, turnkey tool for creating and managing robust wireless networks across their properties.

Don’t Just Manage Services—Master Them

Discover the EnGenius Neutron EWS Series Distributed Network Management Solution today: https://www.engeniustech.com/solutions/neutron-series.html

Call 888-735-7888 or email partners@engeniustech.com.


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