LEED Rewards Hazard Assessment with Credit

07/25/2016 | By Keith Evanson

USGBC incentivizes material health screening

A new LEED pilot credit encourages facility managers and manufacturers to evaluate the impact on human health that building products may have during installation and use.

The pilot credit, Building Material Human Hazard & Exposure Assessment, screens for potential hazards such as carcinogens, mutagens, and other potentially toxic substances.

Disclosure of exposure information is not always required. With these new incentives to promote dialogue from development to implementation, hazards can be better known and documented for further improvements.

The ultimate goal is for project teams and manufacturers to have a transparent model to accurately assess the safety of new building materials.

To receive these pilot credits, new LEED projects must be submitted with full product documentation from the manufacturer to GBCI, the third-party verification organization for LEED.

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