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08/29/2016 |

Comparative Building Costs: High Schools

High School #1

The 120,500-square-foot high school has 36 classrooms including two science labs, a business lab, agricultural economics lab, home economics suite, and a food lab with five cooking stations. A gymnasium with multilevel lighting seats 1,200 persons in telescoping bleachers and 800 more on the court floor. Due to its size, the building was divided into functional sections that can be locked individually or unlocked for after-school activities in order to maintain security. A media center is located adjacent to the prominent main entrance.


High School #2

The layout of this school for 1,550 students accommodates wings for specific educational curricula, including the 9th grade, 10th grade, health and human services, science and industry, business and finance, and arts and humanities. To serve the community, the new school also has a performing arts center, media center, community meeting rooms, computer labs and art exhibit space. Parking areas can handle 1,400 vehicles.


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