Interior Lighting Campaign Saves $13.5 Million in First Year

08/29/2016 |

Corporations find savings after joining partnership

Efficient Troffer retrofits have saved 1.3 trillion BTUs and $13.5 million in avoided energy costs for Interior Lighting Campaign participants.

Participants in the Better Buildings Alliance’s Interior Lighting Campaign have saved 1.3 trillion BTUs, tantamount to $13.5 million in total energy savings, by replacing 650,000 troffers with high efficiency lighting.

The campaign, a partnership between the DOE and public and private sector organizations, has grown to 160 members in just one year. Corporations including Target, T-Mobile and CKE Restaurants (which owns Carl’s Jr. and Hardees) are working to cut energy costs by implementing new lighting technology in their buildings.

Twenty percent of the energy used by buildings nationwide is from lighting. Facility managers can save up to 60% of lighting costs by replacing inefficient troffers with newer, more efficient models. For additional savings, upgrading lighting controls with timers, dimmers and occupancy sensors can save up to 75%.

The Energy Department’s goal is to save 20% more energy over the next decade in commercial, public, industrial and residential buildings. This would result in billions in savings on energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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