Federal Green Challenge Winners Announced

08/29/2016 |

EPA program award winners save $21 million with efficient practices

The EPA is recognizing 290 federal facilities for supporting renewable energy, reducing pollution and operating more efficiently in 2015.

The participants in the Federal Green Challenge, as part of the Sustainable Materials Management Program, saved more than $21 million in natural gas, fuel oil, water, municipal solid waste and paper purchasing.

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to annual emissions of more than 518,000 passenger vehicles with a carbon dioxide equivalent of more than 2.4 million metric tons.

Awards are offered in two categories: data driven and narrative. Data awards are given in the categories of Waste, Electronics, Purchasing, Energy, Water and Transportation, while narrative awards are given in Innovation, Education & Outreach and Leadership and are self-nominating.

The Texas Army National Guard of Austin, TX, reduced 3,506 tons of municipal solid waste and construction and demolition from landfills, saving $157,849 in tipping fees to earn the award for Highest Increased Percentage Over Previous Year in the Waste Category.

In the field of Energy and Education and Outreach, the Minnesota National Guard of Little Falls, MN, earned recognition for reducing natural gas from 121,628,235 cubic feet in 2014 to 96,582,662 in 2015, a 20% decrease.

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