Connectrac Corporate Solutions: Paganini Electric Corporation

09/22/2016 |


Paul Ornelas, Service Manager for Paganini Electric Corporation in San Francisco, CA, had a project where traditional cable management solutions such as core drilling and the use of floor monuments were not a viable solution.

“There were a lot of problems we had with coring and monuments and all the steps that go along with it,” said Ornelas. He found an opportunity for change when he researched online and quickly came upon the Connectrac Wireway website. His curiosity piqued, he searched the site more and thought, “This is the solution I’ve been looking for.”

The project required a renovation of multiple conference rooms and work stations throughout the client offices. The solution needed to bring power, data and A/V access and cable management to every conference table and station that stood separate from the office walls. When Ornelas and his client analyzed the options, they found the costs of core drilling or trenching were exponential when compared to using Connectrac, a cost savings that has been confirmed by a recent RSMeans study.


Along with the cost comparison, the client loved the sleek look of the cable pathway and went with the Connectrac On-Floor solution. They installed the layout seamlessly, not needing to worry about any extra steps to the process. With Connectrac not requiring any cutting or slicing into the floor slab, the cable pathways can be moved or adjusted when the office may need to be renovated again. The adaptability and cost efficiency of the solution convinced Ornelas and Paganini Electric to make Connectrac their go-to standard for all cable management needs.

“Every time I’ve purchased Connectrac, the pricing’s been right and the turnaround time has always been great,” said Ornelas. “I am so impressed with how clean this looks. It’s a well-designed product whose install has always been easy.” “We always enjoy our collaborations with Paul and the fine people at Paganini,” says Mark Manning, Connectrac Regional Sales Manager. “They have such a great balance in their business with having a corporate company but maintaining the family-owned atmosphere. It’s a model we here at Connectrac strive to emulate.”


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190 Hubbell St. Ste.200
San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone: 877.480.5637
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