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11/28/2016 |

Comparative Building Costs: Repurposed Health Buildings

Health Center

This project converted a former daycare facility into a 12,500-square-foot health center for the underprivileged. The building’s exterior was left unchanged but the interior had most of its walls removed. The facility’s 31 exam rooms and seven provider offices are divided into four pods (pediatrics, women’s services and two general medicine). Federal funding required that the project meet energy standards. A new HVAC system reduces energy by 30% and all lighting was replaced. Ceramic flooring helped manage the high moisture content of a slab on grade without a waterproofing membrane.


Health Services Facility

An abandoned office/warehouse building was converted into a public health services facility. A playful design suggests beachfront architecture and reflects the facility’s focus on providing care to infants and children. The height of the existing warehouse structure accommodated the expansion of a second floor to create a total of 54,000 square feet. The steel structure was upgraded to meet current Florida hurricane code. New exterior masonry walls provide wind resistance and thermal performance. The roof is a multi-ply bituminous system.


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