ENERGY STAR Revises Rules for Refrigerators, Freezers

12/29/2016 |

New performance requirements reflect efficiency innovations

Commercial refrigerators and freezers will have to meet strict new energy efficiency requirements to earn ENERGY STAR certification, the EPA says.

The original specification for commercial refrigerators and freezers was issued over 15 years ago, leading manufacturers to introduce innovative designs like high-efficiency compressors and climate-friendly refrigerants to meet the eligibility requirements and raise the bar. The new performance requirements highlight the most energy-efficient strategies and also account for multiple configurations and sizes for users’ varying needs, ensuring energy savings for users with commercial kitchens.

Refrigerators and freezers that earn the ENERGY STAR designation under the new rules will offer savings from 17-40% on energy use over conventional models, translating into $40-100 per year, according to the EPA. If all commercial refrigerators and freezers in the U.S. were certified, the savings would total nearly $235 million each year and prevent the annual emissions of more than 5 billion pounds of greenhouse gases, equivalent to taking more than 480,000 vehicles off the road. 

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