California Efficiency Standard for Computers Unlocks Millions in Savings

01/24/2017 |

New requirements for desktops, laptops and monitors will save $370 million annually

California, a central force in the sustainable energy industry, has become the first state in the country to adopt energy efficiency requirements for desktop, laptops and monitors.
The state policy, the Title 20 Standard for computers and monitors, was approved by California’s Energy Commission and focuses mainly on energy-draining desktop computers to draw less electricity while idle.

Only 6% of desktops currently meet the new standard’s requirements. Noncompliant desktops will have to reduce their idle power draw by about 30% by 2019 and by nearly 50% by 2021.
“Energy efficiency unlocks millions in utility bill savings for consumers and lightens the load on our electricity system,” says Energy Commissioner Andrew McAllister. “Reducing the power of electronic equipment when not being used is common sense.”

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, after the standard is applied, the annual energy reduction will be equal to the annual energy consumption of every home in San Francisco, equivalent to $370 million in annual energy bills.

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