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02/27/2017 |

Comparative Building Costs: Office Buildings

Law Office

This three-story law office features 30,000 square feet of office space used by the owner and 7,706 square feet of leasable space on the first floor. The foundation is cast-in-place concrete. The exterior walls are EIFS with an 8- by 8-inch “estate brick” veneer that fits the building’s location in a historic downtown neighborhood. The EPDM roofing system features skylights, and a skylit three-story atrium with a central staircase brings in additional natural light. The interior includes painted metal stud drywall with acoustical wall panels, carpet and VCT flooring with a rubber base, and a grid-tiled ceiling.


Corporate Office

This two-story, 39,975-square-foot corporate headquarters was designed to perform efficiently, use materials sustainably and make a visual statement about corporate responsibility. The foundation is cast-in-place concrete, while the brick and natural stone masonry exterior walls blend in with the city’s historic downtown. The rear facade facing the historic downtown features articulated brick and punched vertical windows, and the south and west sides have curtainwall glass, natural stone, perforated metal sunscreens, and aluminum and zinc cladding. The interior utilizes finished drywall and tile flooring. A skylight and sidelighting from windows introduce daylighting to open office spaces.


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*Actual building costs have been adjusted to reflect materials prices as of January 2017

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