Transform Health, Safety and Sustainability Data

03/30/2017 |

New UL tool integrates facility and supply chain information

A new software platform by UL EHS Sustainability is poised to integrate data for EHS, sustainability and the supply chain into one platform that promises portfolio-wide transparency and visibility.

The PURE Platform is an SaaS package containing six modules for safety, health, learning, supply chain, sustainability and environmental health information. Combining all six allows a more holistic picture of the health of the enterprise, UL says. For example, an EHS manager could use the platform to track workplace safety compliance while sharing data with sustainability and supply chain leaders who can use that information to influence safety performance in their departments.

PURE’s capabilities include:

  • Native apps for iOS and Windows that let users log information while offline and sync automatically when they return online
  • Compliance management features, including compliance registers and monitoring to help organizations stay on track with EHS requirements
  • Integration with outside assessment systems that enable businesses to transfer information between PURE and other platforms, which streamlines data sources and helps maintain consistency across different datasets
  • Audit scheduling to enhance program planning and execution

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