Finding Rebates and Incentives for Lighting Upgrades

While mainly a database, DSIRE offers custom research and analysis from its energy policy experts. For example, its Pending Legislative and Regulatory Action Analysis allows you to look at the forecast for energy policies and initiatives by tracking and reviewing pending legislative and regulatory changes that might affect your lighting upgrade project. Moreover, simply subscribing to DSIRE’s news feed will provide you with important program updates.

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Interior Lighting Campaign

Outside of providing strict rebates and financing solutions, the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings initiative runs the Interior Lighting Campaign (ILC), a guidance program to help facility managers save with high-efficiency interior lighting solutions. In addition to supplying participants with a number of resources like specifications, case studies and educational webinars, ILC also supports facility managers with utility incentive lists.

The program’s current focus is on troffer lighting, and it intends to document as many eligible upgrades to high-efficiency troffer systems as possible. Moreover, ILC has established technical requirements for these lighting systems. Its efforts are expected to lead to a collective $13 million annual savings in electricity costs for participants.

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Open Energy Information – Lighting and Daylighting

Another resource that tracks updates to information on incentives and rebates is Open Energy Information, a wiki where users can add and edit analysis on renewable energy and energy efficiency. One particularly helpful section of the site is its list of lighting incentives, which currently provides information for over 1,000 programs.

Like the list of lighting incentives, you can find incentive programs for daylighting with OpenEI. Available programs for daylighting are almost exclusively limited to the state and local levels, so you are once again working at the whims of your specific location. Nevertheless, the site includes a vast number of programs, so even if your state doesn’t have provisions for lighting or daylighting upgrades, that does not mean your municipal government won’t have something.

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